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We Provide Low Cost Communication

Pay as you go or unlimited monthly calls and SMS's

No contracts or monthly fees

One time sign up of $15 dollars comes with 100 delivered calls / 200 SMS's

Make 10 calls or 10,000 calls with just a couple of clicks. We provide high quality connections and allow a different message for voice mail delivery. We also display your caller ID so customers can quickly call you later if they missed your call. We also allow users at any time during the message to hit the "1" sign on their phone to be instantly be connected to your office or hit #7 to request a call back later in the day.

Delivery report emailed to you

Handout sheet for meetings

Don't like computers? No problem

We are happy to load your phone numbers, record messages, and schedule calls at no additional charge. You can use our interface and send out calls in as little as three clicks.

Super simple interface for your phone or PC

We display your caller ID so people can easily return your calls. If any time during a call the recipient hits number '7', we send you an email with their name and number. also SMS's can be replied to and you will receive an email showing name and phone number for follow up.

User hit #7 report emailed for each user keyhit

We safeguard your phone numbers and all your information

Most automated call providers sell your phone numbers to marketers. We clearly state in our "terms and Conditions" that we will never share your phone numbers. We are an exceptional value compared with all other call providers who charge more for calls over 30 seconds in lenght.

We are also fully FTC compliant: FTC Rules

  • We send out thousands of calls a day to our clients for over four years using the API.

    -Cash Canada (Nationwide)-
  • I have been using RoboTalker for over 5 years with complete satisfaction. They send out the calls.

    -Danny (Woman's League)-
  • We contacted our past insurance customers during open enrollment making more than 100,000 calls last year with impressive results.

    -Stanly (Ohio Insurance Broker)-
  • We use the Excel sheet to send reminders every day and have seen a huge drop in no-shows.

    -Dental Associates (San Deigo)-
  • We integrated with our CRM and calls go automatically twice a month to late clients.

    -Jay Wallace (Management BluePrints)-

4 ways to send calls and text messages

Webpage, excel sheet, our API, or just send us an email

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Save hours of making phone calls for just pennies

We Offer The Lowest Cost - PERIOD!

Free talk-time on transfers and messages can be two minutes in length

Phone calls

Penniessee below
  • One time setup
  • Great quality
  • Long messages

Text Messages

Penniessee below
  • Same call units
  • 2 SMS / call unit
  • Sms replies

Pay as you go

Pre Pay Units
  • Units never expire
  • Up to 2 minutes long
  • Buy in blocks and save

Monthy Subscribe

Unlimited Calling
  • Based on # of users
  • Price is fixed / month
  • SMS or phone calls

Pay As You Go - OR - Subscribe Monthly

Lowest pricing for Robocalls and SMS messages plus free talk time.
Up to 2 minutes in length and free transfer talk-time.
We display your caller ID for phone calls

Pay as you go unit blocks

# Calls / SMS's Call SMS Block
100 calls / 200 sms 15.0¢ 7.5¢ $15
250 calls / 500 sms 12.8¢ 6.4¢ $32
500 calls / 1000 sms 10.0¢ 5.0¢ $50
1000 calls / 2000 sms 9.0¢ 4.5¢ $90
2500 calls / 5,000 sms 8.6¢ 4.3¢ $215
5,000 calls / 10,000 sms 7.5¢ 3.75¢ $375
10,000 calls / 20,000 sms 6.0¢ 3.0¢ $599
20,000 calls / 40,000 sms 4.0¢ 2.0¢ $799
100,000 calls / 200,000 sms 3.0¢ 1.5¢ $2,999
200,000 calls / 400,000 sms 2.2¢ 1.1¢ $4,400

Click above to select per-paid block size

Start with as little as $15 for 100 calls / 200 SMS!

Pay only for calls that end with a live person or machine.

Messages can be up to 2 minutes long at no additional charge.

Your phone numbers are ALWAYS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

LOWEST OVERALL COST without hidden charges or fees.

10% discounts on 5000+ blocks for 501C non-profits.

We load all numbers, messages and send out calls for you.

We deliver ALL of your calls and not just the cheap ones.

We use Tier-One providers to ensure great voice quality.

No contracts or agreements to sign, No addtional fees.

Lowest cost, best service and fast delivery when needed.

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Reliable service, great value, outstanding voice quality and support

  • Great robocall Voice Quality
  • Outstanding support for automated calls
  • Best prices without hiden fees on voice broadcasting
  • Best providers ensure great voice quality

    We deliver all calls not just the cheap providers to get a 99% completion rate, 1000 phone lines and the latest technology ensure great calls

  • 14 hours a day of support by phone and email

    Our friendly consumer support team is always happy to load numbers, make clients simple reports and invoices

  • Up to 30% lower cost point from our competitors

    One call unit covers unlimited transfer talk time, redials, and up to two minutes-long messages

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10% Extra units for Nonprofits

501C corporations get 10% more units on 5000+ blocks

Great pricing for 20K call/40K SMS unit blocks

Only 4 cents per 2 minute long call and free transfer talk-time